Blue New Jersey

by Tura Lura

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Tura Lura is Dan Shifrin, Ryan Grasso, Eli Shifrin, and Mike Starrett. Emerging from the basements of Morris County, NJ, Tura Lura is an energetic mixture of surfy guitar licks, crooning vocal harmonies, and suburban existentialism. With a range of influences that span genres from folk rock to drone, Tura Lura’s work consists of upbeat indie rock tunes that flow in and out of melodic instrumental breaks and experimental fuzz. The band recently released their debut EP, The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance, and have been playing shows throughout the North East.


released August 8, 2017

Ryan Grasso - drums and percussion
Eli Shifrin - lead guitar on "Growing Pains"
Dan Shifrin - vocals, guitar, bass, piano, organ, synth, trumpet

Produced and mixed by Dan Shifrin in In My Room Studios
Special thanks to Terrance, Roeder, and Tom for their ears and ideas.



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Tura Lura New Jersey

North Jersey Indie Post-Rock band

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Track Name: Growing Pains
I've been looking at life through my window
And the trees are on fire from the evening glow
And these passing days have turned into months
While my chances of growing are still slim to none

Day in, day out, I'm just trying to find my way out
Inside and out, I'm constantly filled with doubt
Fucked up, passed out, I can't seem to find my way out

Sometimes you can't help but feel
Can't help but feeling empty like a tomb
So when it helps to feel alive you go and tear your heart in two
Or maybe go out for drinks, who knows
I know something hurts I'm not sure I wanna know

chapped lips, burned hands, manic

I tend to Fly high and then fall deep, put on repeat
All these growing pains, that I can't evade
They grow with me
Track Name: Blue New Jersey
I was walking down the street
The airs intoxicating me
At a near alarming rate
Im drinking coffee
But on sunny days you see a different hue
New jerseys not always the same shade of blue
Walgreens, Land fills and music scenes fed up teens with blown up dreams
I feel angry all the time
Dealing with thoughts that aren't just mine
Feelings flood my head and slap my face
A tumultuous downpour at torrential pace
But on sunny days you see a different hue
New jerseys not always the same shade of blue

All these small conversations I keep having with myself (back up vocals)
They don't get me anywhere just somewhat deeper into hell (back up vocals)
The only reason I smoke or drink is all because I care
bout what all these other people think about my thinning hair
I drank the bowl poison from the hands of love as nectar
I got sicker in the morning even though I though I knew better
On certain sunny days you may see a different hue
But new jerseys not always the same shade of blue, it's really up to you

But when you are near, I don't feel so blue
Thats cuz Im here laughing with you
And when you are near, I don't feel so blue
That's cuz Im here laughing with you

I see you standing across the room
Gently bopping along to the tune
A gust of feeling, the essence of youth
I can't wait to fumble my way over to you
I can't do anything
I can't do nothing
love and patience
These have to make something
In the end it turns out my life
is not what I expected
But it's still beautiful

Dry eyes, bad skin
Cracked feet, manic
I wake curled up on the ground
My phone is flipping out
I stay curled up on the ground
My phone is flipping out